Soon after our VK9XSP DXpedition (2014) we started to plan the next one… We were looking for various locations and finally decided to visit Seychelles. There are relatively big number of HAM radio activities from S7 but most of them are […]

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S79SP DXpedition members are experienced operators. All of them but one participated past Polish and international DXpeditions, to mention VK9XSP, J88HL, 5T0SP, PJ7PT, H44G/H40T, A35YZ.  

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Here are our planned frequencies. Of course the exact QRG can move up or down depending on QRM, other DXpeditons frequencies etc.

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We are going to run many operating positions in the same time so we need some equipment. As usual we will pay many attention to propagation openings and to low bands. We will have beam antennas for higher bands and […]

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QSL Cards are ready


We would like to inform that our  S79SP  QSL cards have been printed already. By the end of November we will answer to all direct and OQRS requests and send our QSLs to all around the world.

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tablica przylotow_200

The S79SP DXpedition is over. It’s a history now. On October 19 Gala SP2GKS and Bogdan SP2EBG landed in Warsaw and then they took domestic flight to Gdansk and finally were at home. The remaining part of the team came […]

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S79SP is QRT

The S79SP DXpedition is over. It is in the history now. Team members are on the way back home now. Stations were active to the very last moment of the DXpedition. During the last few hours there were three stations, […]

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Last 3 days of activity


We are informed that our TB signals were good received in US & JA. The last 3 nights of our activity we will devote to theTB as a priority. We have over 200 QSO so far on TB including JA […]

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News: 2015-10-15. Many new information and pictures


Here are some news from the DXpedition. Sorry for no updates last days – the website admin was vey busy with his personal matters. Some days ago there was a power failure on the whole Island. In this way we had some […]

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News: 2015-10-09


We are happy to inform that our PA, which had a serious failure, was repaired in the local electronic workshop. The owner of the workshop did not want to do anything without an electronic scheme but he was very firiendly […]

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Morning News: 2015-10-08


Two days ago it was the first seroius equipment issue. While running the 12 meters pile-up the power amplifier had a serious failure – you know, flash, smoke and the PA is dead. It a pity that Jan SP3CYY is not […]

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S79SP. Rates

Włodek SP6EQZ informed that the propagation conditions on 20m for North America were just tremendous during the night (Monday/Tuesday) despite not too good propagation forecasts. Bogdan SP2EBG had very high rates, sometimes over 200 QSO/hour. In general together on three stations there […]

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The Top Band Vertical


Roman SP9FOW and Wlodek SP6EQZ put up the Top Band vertical today (Tuesday) in the early morning. The team is still waiting for the allowance to use the neighbourhood property (for beverages and 2el 80m verical). About 12k QSO in […]

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On Monday (early morning) team members managed to put up one of the Spiderbeams. Everything was prepared earlier so they could put up the antenna before their breakfast – which means: before the heat. There are some pictures from this action below. […]

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