S79SP has started

As you surely noticed the callsign S79SP appeared on bands. Team members had nice (however long) journey and they finally reached Seychelles. They were tired but one of the first things to do was to build some of the antennas and to start their activity. They managed to build GP7 multiband vertical, VDA for 15 and 20 meters, VDA for 17 and 12 meters and stacked verticals for 40 meters. They plan to prepare their spider-beam, K9AY and top band vertical tomorrow.

We informed before that 40 meters band is very narrow in S7. Today S79SP started near 7.040 but it is surely to close to digital modes frequencies They will try to find a QRG some up.

All equipment works fine so far.

QSOs are uploaded to the ClubLog in real time. Visit: https://secure.clublog.org/charts/?c=S79SP to check if you are in the log.