Morning News: 2015-10-08

Two days ago it was the first seroius equipment issue. While running the 12 meters pile-up the power amplifier had a serious failure – you know, flash, smoke and the PA is dead. It a pity that Jan SP3CYY is not with us (he had to give up the DXpedition almost in the last moment because of his QRL) as he is the electronic guru. No one of our team members has enough knowledge at electronics as well as we have no spare parts here. Finally we found an electronic workshop servicing radio stations of local fishing boats. We do hope they will be able to help us.

As we had written before we are waiting for the allowance to use the neighbourhood property for our antennas. It turned out to be the property of the S7 government. It makes the process longer and we have to wait for the official agreement.

In the meantime we placed a single 80 meters vertical in the corer of our lot and a single EU beverage (about 130 meters long). It was very comfortable to work many stations from Japan while listening on the vertical and in the same time after switching RX to beverage we could work EU stations. We could see comments on clusters that we are switching directions of our TX antenna. Not this time – we were only switching between antennas used for receiving.

On the pictures below you can see that the vertical has two horizontal wires: one cut for CW and the second one for SSB part of the band. We were using this antenna with very good results during our previous DXpeditions.

We have a spare, second spiderbeam (not used so far) but we are not sure if it will be used at all. VDA antennas work just great and we can see on the reversebeacon that we have stronger signals on VDAs comparing to our Spiderbeam.

There was very nice opening to Japan on 10 meters yesterday. Then we could see the move of the direction of this opening. It reached the area of UA3 and it was over – the band was dead (in spite it was still a few hours before sunset).

The best band here is 15 meters: there are the longest propagation windows on this band and signals are the stronges and the most stable. At times we receiving 59 +40dB from the US West Coast stations (VDA antenna on our side).

Writing about HAM aspects of our DXpedition we must mention our host, Brian. He is helping us in all possible ways and has a lot of understanding and patience for our HAM radio matters. We are lucky – it really would be hard to meet a more friendly person.Thanks, Brian.

Here are some new pictures from our QTH.


80 meters vertical


80 meters vertical


Feeder connecting our beverage


The far end of the beverage


Villakoket – HAM-friendly QTH


Villakoket – HAM-friendly QTH