Last 3 days of activity

We are informed that our TB signals were good received in US & JA.

The last 3 nights of our activity we will devote to theTB as a priority. We have over 200 QSO so far on TB including JA & W stations and over 900 on 80m. To work on those bands is not easy due to the high noise level, however, our beverages have been improved during the day so the reception capability should be better. We have 150m beverage to EU and 100m to JA but very frequently the reception on vertical is better. The propagation condition aren’t as good as we wish but there is more as 41 000 QSO’s in our log.

We have sometimes nice openings to West Coast on particular bands.

We had some photo session yesterday on the beach to have some pictures for our QSL card.

OQRS has been switched on but we recommend to wait till the end of the expedition to have all QSO confirmed.

 P1030661 (Kopiowanie)


Obraz 393


P1030700 (Kopiowanie)

Gala SP2GKS and Bob SP2EBG

                    P1030717 (Kopiowanie)          P1030723 (Kopiowanie)

Wlodek SP6EQZ swimming in the Indian Ocean

Obraz 281

Seychelles’ and Polish flags on the mast