S79SP is QRT

The S79SP DXpedition is over. It is in the history now. Team members are on the way back home now.

Stations were active to the very last moment of the DXpedition. During the last few hours there were three stations, then two stations and finally only one station acive on bands. We put down the last antennas already after sunset and under the tropical rain (we are lucky it’s a warm rain).

Many friends wished us to log over 50k QSOs. Unfortunately it was not possible: the propagation was not too good during the DXpedition. We also missed Jan SP3CYY who had to give up the DXpedition in the very last moment.So finally we have logged over 45.300 QSOs.

We were active on the Top Band as well as on 80 meters during the last weekend but there were contest going on and it was impossible to find a free, effective QRG. We were trying to call CQ but stations taking part in the contest very often were not able to copy us and almost every time sooner or later there was a station starting to CQ on our QRG or very close to our QRG. Very similar situation was on 20 meters.It’s just the contest reality – we are not complaining: team members are contesters so we know how it works.

We can observe regress in our DXpedition efforts regarding the number of QSOs: 5T0SP (85 000 QSOs, J88HL (65 000 QSOs), VK9XSP (55 000 QSOs) and finally S79SP (45 300 QSOs). Perhpas we are geting older. Perhaps propagation conditios played the main role: SSN=21, A Index peaking to 40 sometimes. It was a little better during last two days which let us log many contacts on 10 meters.

There were planned and unplanned power breaks on the Island which let us visit some interesting places and do some sightseeing.

We would like to thank all stations for QSOs, support and comments. We really had a great time and again our teamwork was just a pleasure, without any problems. Besides being HAMs and DXpedition lovers we are also friends which helps us in all aspects of the DXpedition. We must also again mention our great host, Brian (you can see him on the pictures we placed on our website some days ago). He was more than friendly in all possible aspects and matters. Thanks to him the Villa Koket is a HAM-friendly place and a great place to stay. Thanks, Brian!!!

Thanks to all supporters of the DXpedition. We are placing their names/callsigns on our page.If you are one of them don’t use OQRS addidtionally. All our supporters will receive direct QSLs automatically.

Thanks for all QSOs. We hope to work all of our from another place next year.