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The S79SP DXpedition is over. It’s a history now.

On October 19 Gala SP2GKS and Bogdan SP2EBG landed in Warsaw and then they took domestic flight to Gdansk and finally were at home. The remaining part of the team came back home on October 20. They landed in Prague and then drove to Wrocław.
Ryszard SP6FXY, our team member and QSL manager, informed that he found quite a big number of directs in his mailbox when he returned home from the DXpedition.

In general, our return journey was good, comfortable, without delays. There was only one problem at Dubai airport. Of course our luggage was carefully checked by the security officers. To our surprise they confiscated our spare GU-50 tubes (5 tubes). They decided the tubes can be dangerous tools. We can understand this rules.

Please find below some pictures from our return journey.

tablica przylotow

Warsaw AIrport. Arrivals. SP2GKS and SP2EBG just landed (from Dubai)


Bogdan SP2EBG and Gala SP2GKS at the Warsaw airport.


Gala SP2GKS and Bogdan SP2EBG at the Warsaw Airport. Brr…. It is not so warm in Poland as on Seychelles…


Prague Airport. L-R: Krzysztof SP6JIU, Włodek SP6EQZ, Ryszard SP6FXY, Roman SP9FOW

Once again thanks for all QSOs and we would like to say big THANK YOU to all our supporters. Callsigns/names of all of them are placed on our website.

We received some requests to correct data in our log. We will carefully check all such requests and all obvious typo errors will be corrected in our online log.

If you made an OQRS request please don’t ask additionaly via email to confirm your QSOs (even if your OQRS request was not for all of your QSOs). Asking additionally via email makes all the process more difficult and it takes much time to check the same QSOs again.
Thank you for all QSOs, support, comments… It was our great pleasure to be on bands from Seychelles, to be a part of the DX history.

Now were are recovering after the DXpedition, we are back to our jobs, families, we started to design the S79SP QSL card etc.

So let us take a breath and we will see where we go next…